Our Services

Below you will find a list of some of the services we provide. This is not an exhaustive list. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us.

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Free Advice

We can offer you a complimentary sit down with us for half an offer to discuss your needs. We want to ensure that we will be able to service you and give you an opportunity to ask questions before our engagement.

Work from another Building Surveyor

Should your Building Surveyor retire or is no longer able to assist you to finish your project, please come and sit down with us to work if we can take over your project and become your Building Surveyor. We have many satisifed customers that we were able to assist.

Certificate of Likely Compliance

If you want to carry out any building work which requires a building permit, you will require a Certificate of Likely Compliance.

Dwellings, Additions and Alterations

These works may require a building permit, even if your work may not be considered structural. For example, you may change the use of a room, increase it’s size, etc.

Bed and Breakfast

You may decide to run a bed and breakfast. There are applicable provisions which you will need to consider such as building size & the number of people you want to lodge. You will also need to consider accessible provisions, such as wheelchair ramps, accessible toilets, etc.


You may have additional space under your house which may be able to be converted into a flat. There are many requirements to be considered, please contact us for a complimentary appointment to explore your options.

Commercial Buildings

Our Building Surveyor has unrestricted accreditation; that means we can assess any type or size of commercial building.

Change of Use

Garages being used for bedrooms will require a change of use. Enclosed decks will also require a change of use. For any such project, you will need to obtain a Certificate of Likely Compliance. Contact us to assist you.

Work with no Permit

If there are works on your property which have being carried out (by you or someone else) without the appropriate permits in place, the Building Act gives you the option to have the works legalised. Illegal building work may jeopardise the sale of your property or put your safety at risk, so it’s well worth talking to us about it so we can help you.

Swimming Pool, Retaining Walls, Shed and Decks

There are applicable exemptions. However, we love such projects. Let us help you realise your dreams.

Owner Builder

We understand that building your first home or even subsequent home can be a complex process and legislation is always changing; however our Building Surveyor has been an Owner Builder himself and understands what you will be going through.