1. Land Title

You will need to have a full copy of your title. A title consists of a folio text (who owns the title, title description), folio plan (the actual plan of your block) and easements/covenants (not all titles contain easements and or covenants). The cheapest way for you to obtain your title is to buy one from any Service Tasmania Office, or we can purchase one for you. When you bought your property your Lawyer/Conveyancer may have given you a copy of your full title. You should at least have a copy of the folio text and folio plan. On your folio text, it will identify if there are easements and or covenants on your block. Easements on a title may restrict where you can build on your land and covenants may restrict the use of building material. If you want to purchase a property, you should always ensure that you view a copy of the registered title and you may need to obtain legal advice for same.

2. Planning Permit

You will need to consult with your local Council to find out if your building block is affected by any Planning constraints; such as maximum height, building setbacks, heritage, etc. Each block is governed by the Planning Scheme. This is your first start as it may not be possible for you to build what you want or where you want to. It is suggested that before your final drawings are done you should have at least an indication that the Planning Scheme will allow you to build your dream home.

3. Architect

In Tasmania, all Architects, Designers, and Building Practitioners are required to be Licensed. You can request their License number and check it yourself or you can ask a Building Surveyor to check for you. This applies to Bushfire Assessors, people who do soil classifications, waste water design, etc. You can search here to check a License Number. This will also apply to interstate building practitioners who carry work out in Tasmania.

4. Builders

In Tasmania, all Builders are required to be Licensed, this includes interstate Builders. You can request their License Number and check it yourself or you can ask a Building Surveyor to check for you. You can search here to check a License Number.

5. Buying a Property

When you are thinking of purchasing a property in Tasmania there are two certificates you can apply for with the Council. 132 Certificate: This certificate will let you know if there are any outstanding rates owed on the property. If there are and you purchase the property, you will be responsible to pay these rates back.337 Certificate: This certificate will ask the council to respond to a series of questions in relation to the property, such as; is there a Building Order in relation to illegal work, are there any Building or Plumbing Permit issued, etc. Building Certificate: You may apply for this certificate and Council will inspect the property and check to make sure that the records they have reflected what has been built on site.

6. Required Permits

When you make an application with a Building Surveyor some of the following documents may be required:

  • Signed engagement from Building Surveyor Tasmania.
  • A full copy of the title, including easements and or covenants.
  • Drawings, full construction plans as per Directors Specified List.
  • Form 35 from Designer.
  • Soil classification.
  • Form 55 for soil classification.
  • BAL, bushfire assessment level report.
  • Plans must show how they comply with the BAL report.
  • Form 55 for BAL report.
  • Form 55 from Structural Engineer if they have Certified the structural plans.
  • Form 35 if Structural Engineer has provided their own Structural Plans.
  • 6 Star Energy Assessment Report.
  • Form 55 for Energy Assessment Report.
  • Planning Permit or exemption.
  • Waste Water Design (if not in a sewered area).
  • Form 55 for Waste Water Design.