Electronic Processing

We at Building Surveying Tasmania belive that the approval process for your project should be as simple and less time comsuing as possible and are here to assist you with making it that way.

You can send your files to us electronically and once we have approved them we can send them back to you also electronically in the universal file format of “PDF” to emable you to make an application wth your local Council if required.

Files in electronic format may be sent to your finance institution, suppliers to get quotes and other Statutory Authorities such as Tas Water.

We can accept paper copies of your documents at to A3 size and are able to scan then for electronic assessemt. Most Councils will only accept electronic applications.

If the files are not too large we can receive them by email, if the files are large give us a call and we can assist you on how to send these files to us; we use Dropbox as a means to assist in this process.

We can carry out a full assessment of your plans by using our electroic software.